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May Day time START!

May Day time START!

May Day is a time of vacation and extended rest for many of us. The long May weekend is a suitable time for relaxation, barbecues, trips, travel and rest. It is a moment to temporarily forget about studies, work, duties or daily activities. It is a time for many people to get away from reality and sink into pleasure.

Time to go

Most often we spend May Day traveling outside the city away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether it's to the countryside, the sea, a lake to the mountains every way is perfect to spend a wonderful time with family and friends. We have unlimited possibilities to spend our free time surrounded by nature. It is a moment of relaxation for body and mind. In order to make your trip more pleasant, we have prepared interesting products especially for such occasions, which are sure to be an indispensable gadget during the trip. For lovers of sleep in transport, we recommend multifunctional travel pillows that will not only provide comfort, but also protect your neck and head from bruises. There is something for everyone, both adults and the youngest travelers!

Barbecues and social gatherings

May Day is also a great opportunity to hold barbecues and gather with friends and family. It is worth taking advantage of the beautiful weather and recharging the batteries for the rest of the year. Spending time outdoors helps to improve the mood, general well-being and adds a lot of fun. While enjoying barbecued delicacies, we must not forget and proper hydration.

A large capacity reusable bottle will provide constant access to your favorite beverage. Today you can also have your favorite grilled treats on your feet. At Soxo we do not idle and for every occasion we will conjure up a departure socks in unusual patterns. For May Day we recommend steak and sausage socks, which will not only enliven your closet, but will also be a unique addition to your closet. They will get rid of boredom and give a refreshing look.

Active leisure

For people who love active leisure and the greatest leisure for them will be hiking, walking or exploring the city, we also have a surprise colorful water bottles not only have a large capacity, but are very convenient to carry thanks to its handle. You can put it in your backpack, carry it in your hand or bag. May is the time to spend active time and get back to doing your favorite outdoor sports! Tennis, golf, swimming or running are perfect for getting back into sports after the winter break. These few ideas for active recreation in May may become your passion for years to come. And for keen athletes, we've prepared a surprise set of colorful socks with a sports theme.

Time for yourself

Regardless of how you spend your May vacation, remember that it is also a time for yourself. Find a moment to spend your leisure time the way you like by reading a book, watching your favorite TV series or just having a lazy afternoon. It is important to get the most out of this time and enjoy the moment. May Day is the perfect opportunity to get away from your routine and recharge your batteries before the upcoming challenges. Regardless of how you spend the long weekend, hope that it will be a time full of joy and positive emotions. Take a look at Soxo and check out the unique products that will make this free time enjoyable and comfortable during the May madness. Don't forget to take our products with you on your trip.

Sausage socks

For sausage lovers, there is no better gift than sausage socks. This original design reminds us of a good, juicy sausage from the grill and is the perfect gift that appreciates the taste of life. The original design of the socks makes them not only practical, but also full of character. This is a gift that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient and remind of the pleasant moments of life.

Waffle socks - for sweet sock enthusiasts

Waffles are a crunchy dessert that is associated with leisure. Now you can take it to the next level and wear colorful socks with a crispy waffle motif!

Donut Socks in a Box - sweet dreams on feet

If the recipient loves sweet snacks, donut socks in a box are a hit gift. This design reminds of the irresistible desire for something sweet and adds charm to any outfit. Donut Socks in a Box is an unusual gift that can be given for many occasions. They add charm and character to any outfit, making everyday life sweeter.

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